Dream11, U19 World Cup 2018, South Africa vs Bangladesh 

Hey guys, here is my team but I tell you any team that we’ll make, it’s going to be risky.  It’s hard to predict these matches as there are youngsters involved. I have seen them throwing wickets for no reasons at all so their performances are also doubtful. As far as probable 11s are concerned, both these teams should be going with their best 11s until unless there are injuries. 

I personally feel that South Africa has better batting lineup in comparison of Bangladesh but Banglades bowling seems much better than South Africa. If South Africa won’t throws wicket then picking up South African batsman as captain will be beneficial in GL. Tonder is good option for Captain in that case. And if you think that they will be throwing their wickets then in that case one of the Bangladeshi bowlers would be a good option for Captain. It could be Mahmud or Onik. But still if you are not sure what will happen then do what I have done 😁. Pick Hossain as your captain and any of your favorite as vice Captain. 

I have picked Tonder but you can try with Makwetu, Breetzke as well. BTW, I have taken 4 bowlers you can remove one of these and pick another batsman. And one more thing, I haven’t picked Rolfes in this team. He is in good form but he missed last game. I don’t have confirm news about the squad but I believe they should be going with the one that they used in their last game. 

This is my team, feel free to use it. Play around and make few changes that’s up to you. Just don’t go big. Good matches are very near and it would be good if we’ll wait and invest in those games. All the best. 

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